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The following is an excerpt from Yoga Meditation, Larry Johnson. OMD, L. Ac. pages 76-77. It supports years of Leslie’s "gut feelings" about the importance of sitting with integrity during meditation. It also explains why some teachers never teach seated meditation. When a person sits imbalanced during meditation, "fantasy can appear". 

…It takes "emptiness for the Heart" to evaluate incoming information correctly and maintain "Authenticity". (7 pp. 6, Chapter 48 or 4). Tao Te Ching, V. H. Mair.

When the Heart "recognizes" a presentation, intent or focus appears. This focus engenders form—thought, action speech, etc. The intent form represents the function of the Spleen. As yet the intent has no permanency. By the addition of the will of the Kidneys (emerging into manifestation), the presentation stabilizes.

When joining of Early Heaven-Kidney-germination with Later Heaven-Spleen-structure from the impetus of the Spirits-Heart brings forth a new construct. Will precedes formalized thought.

The ability to "think" clearly demands the full presence of the Spirits (empty Heart). It also requires that the Brain be replete with the finest Essences from the Kidneys, as the Brain is the link between the sense organs-input and the Heart. Thus information-Brain and Consciousness-Spirits sow themselves into the Earth of the Spleen to germinate thought. As we have seen the will of the Kidneys is necessary to stabilize that germination.

If thought is extended and remains firmly rooted in the Heart, reflection will develop. Reflection is a function of the Liver. Reflection is an expansion, while thought is an assimilation and "digestion". Reflection increases the range of thought, and expresses the ability to make plans (Liver).

Reflection leads to meditation, which must be carried on in absolute silence. Meditation (silence) requires the Heart to be empty and in perfect communication with the Kidneys (Will). Without this perfect communication, fantasy (heart disturbed) appears.

Meditation is the highest expression of thought, the power, the power to extend beyond the bounds of form, time and space. The contracting power of the Lungs, and their position as "Judge" provides balance for the whole process.

Authentic thought processes demand perfect balance/function of all the organs systems of the body. The body and mind are truly one.

Larry Johnson. OMD, L. Ac. ,Yoga Meditation, 2006.

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