class materials

18 buddha hands 1-9

18 buddha hands 10-18


Stick Figures

Arm Rotations


Taoist Chi Kung 1-6

supportive concepts

I can't make myself not believe what I believe, or believe what I don"t want to believe. I can question what I believe I believe, and thus be enlightened. Spell Broken, Trance Ended. Bryon Katie


Daily quotes from Abraham-Hicks

How to get rid of stress

Vagus Nerve | Inflammation ---

do ShoulderStand

Emotional Frequencies

24 hour organ cycle

the pain is real...the Mindbody Perscription

The Habits of Happiness


Chakras...short course


The Surrender Experiment

You are the Placebo

The Magic of Tidying Up



Upright  Go


Bolsters | Inversion Slings


Organic Botanic

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