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...about Walking on your two feet with gravity.

You may need to practice "...about Standing" before you walk.

A. Stand with legs and feet together, knee released toward the little toe.
Place the big toes touching from the ball of each foot to the tip of the toe of each foot. For many this will make your heels separate. Bend the knees until your heels touch while keeping your toes still touching. If you can not get the heels to touch do not separate the toes to make the heels touch. Work with your heels separated.

B. Stand on a 1-2 inch line with the same edge of the big toe of the foot on each side of the line.


The center of the back of the heel touches the floor first, continue to roll on your foot slowly, the next part of the foot to bear weight on the floor is the metatarsel of all the toes (very spread toes) simutaneously in a rolling forward motion.

C. Now walk the line with the edge of the toe attempting to touch the line with each step. Be gentle and patient. Where you place your heel is a variation that is trial and error until you get your toe to touch the outside edge of the line. Place the center of the heel on the floor, continue rolling on foot without releasing the balance of the center of the heel, and allow the knee to release toward the little toe. Continue the roll of the foot until you feel the metatarsal of the toes.  This action will facilitate a spreading action of the toes (if the shoes are not too tight). 

May these principles serve your every step.

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