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Taosit Chi Kung



Balances all energies of the body and eliminates toxins of all kinds. 



‘The main functions of the Yin Organs are to manufacture and store essential substances such as vital essence, vital energy, and body fluids.  They take the products of digestion and refine them to match the particular quality of the individual person, thus “storing” is much more than simply holding essence.  It is a dynamic function impossible to divorce from the life process.  The five elements in relation to the yin organs indicate that there are five ways to acquire and categorize essences.  Representing your deeper self, the Yin Organs perform this function.  Appropriately, Taoist Chi Kung begins with invigorating and harmonizing the five Yin Organs.’  Page 41 Strategies 1.  Larry Johnson   


2.  Monkey

         Liver - spring

                  Eyes - wood | creation                     

Controls the nervous and gynecological system such as cysts, fibroids, infertility, and houses the emotions of frustration, anger, and some forms of depression.


3.  Dragon

         Heart - summer

                  Face ~ fire | source of light

Too high and too low blood pressure, anxiety, palpitations, insomnia and the emotions of lack of joy and hysteria.


4.  Tiger

          Lung - fall

                  Skin - metal/spirit | invisible

Houses the emotions of grief and sadness and manifests as asthma, allergies, eczema, earaches and frequent colds and flu’s.


5.  Hawk

         Kidney - winter

                 Hair - water | flow with change

Houses the emotions of fear and insecurity and is the root of all of the other organs, which includes the functions of what western medicine calls the adrenal glands – sex hormones, female and male reproduction, cortisone, melatonin, DHEA, etc. and if weak then will have the symptoms of low back and joint pain, coldness, over heating, severe fatigue (chronic fatigue), decreased immunity and much more.


6.   Energy to The Four Limbs

         Spleen - Indian summer

                 Lips - earth | realize harvest

House the emotions of worry and obsession, while affecting the strength of the muscles and tissues of the body (fibromyalgia) and helps convert the food into strong blood (anemia/ fatigue) as well as transforms “dampness”(fat).     

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